• Psychotherapy

    Please note that due to covid, I am currently (now to Fall, 2021) offering video- or phone psychotherapy only.  

    I believe that psychotherapy should create a safe and conducive environment for exploration and change, be affirming and empathic, facilitate learning and self-discovery, and provide feedback about unhealthy life patterns. My areas of expertise include stress and anxiety management, mental health and mental fitness for athletes (e.g. coping with the unique demands of being an athlete, recovering from injury, coping with covid-associated loss of sports competitions, improving performance),  life transitions (e.g., changing jobs, beginning or ending a relationship, becoming a parent, retiring, moving, etc.), health and wellness, and LGBTQ issues.

    I use an integrated approach to psychotherapy, meaning that I draw from a variety of theoretical perspectives depending on the person and the issues they bring to therapy. Thus, therapy may involve examining and correcting distorted thoughts and behaviors, looking at relationships with others, or recalling one’s history as it relates to unhealthy patterns in current day functioning.

    During your initial evaluation, I’ll be asking you to explain in detail about the difficulties you have been having, and what it is that brings you to therapy. I will also ask you questions about medical, family, and psychiatric history. In most cases, we’ll come up with a plan and goals for therapy by the end of the first session.

    Hours of operation:

    Tuesday 8am – 3pm

    Wednesday 8am – 3pm

    Thursday 8am – 3pm

    Friday 8am – 3pm

    Saturday 9am – 3pm

    Therapy Dogs Clemmie and Fiona reporting for duty…and sleeping on the job.