• For Parents

    Helping parents navigate the mental health system and worry a little less about their student athlete

    Have you noticed any of the following in your child?

    • Their motivation levels are down.
    • They are tired all the time.
    • They have an insane school schedule that doesn’t let allow enough time for rest.
    • They wake up every morning feeling overwhelmed and/or depressed.
    • They feel like they’re living at a frenzied pace leaving them frazzled and stressed.
    • They feel stress and/or burnout about their sports performance.

    Life is incredibly hard for all students right now Most student athletes feel overwhelmed with the demands of school, their sports training, and their social life. And of course, there are continuing uncertainties that the pandemic has produced. Maybe your athlete didn’t anticipate being a small fish in a bigger pond, or is feeling a loss of confidence in their sport, or is adjusting to being away from home, or is feeling anxious about what comes after graduating.

    Scientific Studies Show That Psychotherapy for Student Athletes Can Help Them Feel Less Anxious, Stressed and Depressed

    Even though they may feel alone,  I want them to know that many people in their circumstances need support considering the many challenges they are facing right now. There are therapists like myself (and other than myself) that are not affiliated with their school in any way and can help them feel better.

    It’s possible for them to feel better. I want them to imagine a life where they could…

    • Really feel joy.
    • Stop worrying all the time.
    • Control how they respond to anxious and other negative thoughts.
    • Shift into a more positive and hopeful outlook on life.
    • Feel confident in their sport performance.

    Research shows that therapy can positively change thinking, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors. It can help them let go of what’s holding them back. I’ll teach them the effective skills and practical tools they need to cope with their stress, and move through difficult life experiences. I’ve helped many athletes struggling with constant worry find ways to feel more calm, centered, and balanced. My clients discover that it’s possible to live life at a less frenzied pace.

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